Monday, 28 August 2017


incase if observe, the above slide the horse Vendor made an offer to sell his horse to the lady.  The Lady also without knowing the offer made by him made an offer to the Vendor to purchase the horse.  Here, both the parties exchanged offer without knowing the others 'offer. But, the subject matter here (horse) is same. Hence, this is across offer.
 Hence, cross offer must-have to satisfy the following2 conditions.

 1) offers Exchange doghouse the knowledge of their Counterpart's offer.

 2) The terms and conditions of the offers of both the Parties are identical (or) so identical.

 Hence, we must have to question ourselves whether there is a valid contraction between booth the parties or not?

 Ans.    No    There is no Contract. Because Both they exchanged often only. No one accepted no one's offer.
 An offer alone will not make a valid contract.

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